The Agriculture Estimates play an important and primary role towards the National Economic Program, Stability of Import/Export price policy, National Food Budget, Provision of industrial raw material and other development projects. Therefore, the timely and accurate acreage and production estimation of the cultivated crops in the country is very important. The Crop Reporting Service in the Agriculture Department Punjab, through its field survey work, prepares agriculture estimates for Kharif and Rabi crops every year. In the past, only few crops were targeted. However, other crops have also been included in the program due to their growing importance. The Agriculture Department is intending to include as much crops as possible subject to availability of resources. The Crop Estimates are sent to the Federal Government for final publication, after subsequent approval from the Punjab Agricultural Statistics Coordination Board. The field reports of Agriculture Department, prepared by the field staff appointed in the selected villages, are given due importance for the Crop Estimation Work.

Cotton, Sugarcane, Maize, Rice and wheat are of prime importance. However on the instructions of Federal Government,  the acreage and production estimates of Kharif Rice, Sugarcane, Maize, Cotton, Jowar, Bajra, Moong, Mash, Sesamum  and other  Kharif crops and Rabi Wheat, Gram, Barley, Oil Crops ( including Sunflower), Tobacco, Masoor, Potato, Onion and other Rabi crops are being prepared. The Crop Reporting Service, Agriculture Department, Punjab is adopting Scientific Methods to improve the accuracy of these estimates. Out of the total villages in Punjab province, an overlapping sample of 1240 representative villages has been selected for the crop estimation work. The staff of Crop Reporting Service is appointed in these villages. The field staff carries out the girdawari work in these villages, throughout the year on the instructions of Head Quarter office. On the basis of these girdawari reports, the size of targeted crops in all the districts havs been estimated.


Enlisted below are the prime objectives of the department:

  • To ascertain/district wise area and production of all Kharif & Rabi Crops, through objective and subjective techniques
  • To work out yield per acre through crop cut using statistical techniques
  • To obtain information regarding agronomy i.e. source of irrigation inputs use, type of soil condition of crop etc