Core Team

Dr. Abdul Razzaq (Statistician)
Ph.d  (Statistics) from NCBA&E, Lahore in 2013. He has more than  15 years experience in agricultural statistics. He started his service career as Statistical officer in 1999. He was promoted as statistician in  2013. His fields of duties are as Planning organization, checking and guidance of field work conducted in connection with sample surveys/enquiries ,training of the field staff in the technique of survey field operations, Organization and execution of field work.
Dr. Abdul Qayyum (Statistician)
Ph.d (Statistics) form Government College University, Lahore. He has more than 15 years experience in Agricultural Statistics, Modling and Sampling. He started his service career as Statistical Officer in 1999. He was promoted as Statistician in 2009.
Azaz Ahmad (Assistant Director)
M.Sc Mathematics from Punjab University , Diploma In Computer Science and Diploma in Oracle (DataBase). He started his service career as Statistical officer . He has about 26 years experience in agricultural statistics ,Sample selection (design)  for survey in the Punjab. Develop a DataBase for  Agricultural Statistics, Met Data, Agriculture   Inputs and Other Relative Information. Develop programs for MIS and analysis of agriculture / Statistical data for the various crops to prepare acreage and production estimates. Monitoring of Crops through satellite technology. He is also working on Crop Bulletin. He is also responsible for preparing of project PC-1, monitoring of on going projects, preparation of presentations to the higher authorities and dissemination of agricultural data.