Future Plans


1. Census of Orchards in the Punajb (Near Future)

2. Up-Gradation of GIS/ Remote Sensing Based Crop Estimates and Strengthening of Area Frame Sampling (Running)

  • Integrating and developing Geo-reference and Digital Girdawari (GRDG) dashboard. This dashboard will consist on Spatial (including Geographic coordinates) and Non-Spatial (Farmer and Crop details) dataset with zero human intervention.This will replace old and classical method of manual Girdawari in Punjab with Geo-spatial technologies.
  • Geospatial Agriculture Information System will be developed with integrated Remote Sensing technology tostrengthen the crops estimates through Area frame sampling and Ground Survey information.
  • Refining Area Estimation for Major Crops through the collection of about up to  one million Spectral Signatures from 5500 sample segments in all the rural Union Councils of Punjab
  • Change detection through satellite imagery by comparing images of any two years.This will allow to examine the increase or decrease in area cultivated and calibration with Ground Survey information.
  • Capacity building trainings for field staff.
  • During the Second phase (2022-23), the objective is to develop Land Utilization Statistics to obtain more accuracy in cropped area cultivated in Punjab but separating / excluding urban built up area, forests, roads, canals etc. 

  •  Figure shows Geo location of 420 segments (each contains 150 acres) selected through Area Frame Sampling in Lahore Division, Punjab.                                                     

3. Area Estimation through "Remote Sensing" (Running)

CRS is working on estimation of major crop area through remote sensing 


4. Non Development Projects (Running)

Title of the Project
Punjab Fasal Bema Program
پنجاب فصل بیمہ پروگرام
o Duration
2018-19 to 2022-23
o Total Cost
N/A since it is a non-development project therefore allocations under this program vary as per the assigned targets
o Allocation in 2019-20
PKR. 1350.0 mln
o Physical Activities / Targets
For the FY 2019-20, the target is to insure 500,000 farmers in the Punjab. The targets have already been set/ decided under Punjab SMART program.
Physical Activities:
i. Registration of farmers
ii. Selection of insurance company through a competitive bidding process
iii. Farmer awareness program utilizing all the available means of communication i.e. newspaper, radio, tv, local cable, SMS, tehsil level seminars, pamphlet distribution etc.
o Expected Outcome
Crop insurance is the primary risk management tool that is used to financially support the farmers to compensate and recover from natural disasters. The objective of this program is to enhance the financial resilience of the farming community against the rapidly changing climatic conditions and its impact on the crops yield. The purpose is to provide crops yield protection. In case if the insured crop(s) yield is declined, due to any reason, beyond the threshold point, the insured farmers will be compensated by the insurance company as per the agreed terms.
Contact Detail of Focal Person for the project
Mirza Waseem Abbas 
Manager Operations & Coordination Crop Insurance Program Punjab
042-99330380, cippunjabcss@gmail.com