Crop Estimates

Crop Reporting Service releases up to three estimates of Area, Production and Average Yield for different crops as described below:

Harvest Prices

Harvest prices are prices, received by the growers at the time of harvest or within 2 months after the harvest of a crop in the villages where these are grown e.g. if wheat crop is harvested by the end of May, the prices which have been received by the cultivators in their village during the months of May and June are to be collected. If the harvest of a crop spreads over a longer period e.g. Sugarcane, the prices are to be collected for all the months during which the crop is harvested and extend to one month after the completion of the harvest of the crop.

Cost of Production

In order to work out the cost of production of major crops both Rabi and Kharif, a dedicated cost of production committee has been constituted at Provincial Level  under chairmanship of Director General Agriculture (Ext. & AR), Punjab with Secretary / Member Director of Agriculture, Crop Reporting Service with following terms of reference.

Land Use

Land Use Statistics of the Punjab


Agricultural Machinery

The district wise availability of different agricultural machinery for the listed fiscal year is as attached below: