Land Use

Land Use Statistics of the Punjab



Composite of Land Utilization

Geographical Area:

Area which has been surveyed and calculated by the survey of Pakistan.

Total Area Reported:

Total physical area of the village/deh, tehsil or district etc.

Forest Area:

Area of any Land classed or administered as forest under any lagal enactment dealing with forests. Any cultivated area which may exist within such forest should be excluded  (and shown under heading cultivated area).

Area not available for Cultivation:

Uncultivated area of the farm which is under farm home-steads, farm roads and other connected purposes and therefore not available for cultivation.

Culturable Waste:

Uncultivated farm area which is fit for cultivation but was not cropped during the year under reference nor in the year before that.

Cultivated Area:

Area which was sown at least during the year under reference or during  the previous year.

Cultivated Area=Net Area sown + Current Fallow.

Current Fallow:

Area which is vacant during the year under reference but was sown at least once during the previous year.

Net Area Sown:

Area  which is sown at least once during (Kharif & Rabi)  the year under reference.

Area Sown more than Once:

The difference between the total cropped area and the net area sown.

Total Cropped Area:

The aggregate area of crops raised in a farm during the year under reference including the area under fruit trees.