Cost of Production

In order to work out the cost of production of major crops both Rabi and Kharif, a dedicated cost of production committee has been constituted at Provincial Level under chairmanship of Director General Agriculture (Ext. & AR), Punjab with Secretary/Member Director of Agriculture, Crop Reporting Service with following terms of reference.

  • Work out and recommend Cost of Production of Crops
  • Review prices viz-a-viz Cost of Production of Crops
  • Collection of Field Data on Cost of Production of Crops

The Cost of Production meetings are held regularly during Rabi and Kharif seasons.

Our Methodology

The methodology includes:

  • Crop Reporting Service conduct survey in sample villages. The survey questionnaire covered all operations starting from pre-sowing to harvesting and marketing of the produce. On the bases of survey results, Crop Reporting Services prepare working paper on relevant crops regarding estimates of COP
  • The Crop Reporting Service collects reports from Punjab economic research institute (PERI) and AARI. They conduct independent surveys and make own opinion to access COP on crops. The Crop reporting Service works out a comparison and present in the meeting to Discuss and for its approval
  • The working paper is prepared by Director of Agriculture (Crop Reporting Service) as Secretary/Member of the COP Committee on the performa, prescribed by Agriculture policy institute, Ministry of national food Security and research, Islamabad. The COP along with recommended Support Price per 40-Kg.  Cost of production worked out by the committee along with recommended Support price  is sent to the Government for approval and further forwarding to the federal Government, Agriculture Policy institute, Islamabad for further reconciliation with other provinces and approval of the support price for the whole country.